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With the recent adoption of the Inflation Reduction Act, the United States is finally seeing actual legislation that addresses and rewards clean energy and sustainability. For example, Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) reward solar investments by subtracting 30 percent of related costs from federal tax liability through 2032. The new legislation extends the federal relief initially set to expire in 2024, and that’s likely just the beginning. These initiatives will also continue to reinforce the rapid rise in residential solar With renewable energy now in the mainstream and the continued increase in climate-related natural disasters worldwide, more and more homes will likely adopt solar and energy storage technology for the convenience and control of total home energy - on-demand, uninterrupted, 365-24-7. In addition to the rise in consumer participation, these efforts will undoubtedly drive more renewable energy investments, convince the country to be less reliant on the grid, and create desirability for long-term clean energy solutions, particularly leveraging solar plus energy storage (PV+S). These clean energy market trends and advancements in solar energy generation spawned the creation of the EP Cube, the latest product from the global solar energy technology provider, Canadian Solar, Inc. (CSI). The EP Cube is a whole home residential energy storage system that is easy to install and cost-effective. The low installation cost and simplicity give homeowners comfort knowing their homes will be fully powered during an outage, eliminating the need to pick and choose critical loads. Spearheaded by CSI’s industry expertise, innovation, and manufacturing prowess, the EP Cube has clear-cut benefits and high-tech features homeowners will value for years to come.  Intelligent and Simple Power to the People While legislation and credits will spur people to action with some financial constraints out of the way, homeowners may feel daunted about understanding the technology and how they will manage it. Residential solar systems and existing energy storage products often comprise complex components, intricate installation, limited flexibility, and long lead times. But Canadian Solar is eliminating these worries with a simplified energy storage solution compatible with existing PV systems and new residential energy conversion projects. With substantial storage space that will power an entire home and the ability to transition to backup power instantly, the EP Cube gives homeowners peace of mind and energy independence. With customized capacity for each homeowner, including DC/AC inputs, critical and non-critical loads, secondary sources, generators and EV chargers, the EP Cube’s Smart Gateway optimizes energy storage and consumption, giving the homeowner complete control, transparency, and efficiency.  The slim, sleek design includes battery modules weighing 70 pounds and EP Cube can be ground or wall-mounted, inside or outside, since it’s weather-resistant and requires minimal space. The EP Cube’s storage capacity spans 9.9 kWh to 19.9 kWh, with the ability to connect up to six units in parallel for 119.9 kWh.  Users can also easily manage solar and battery backup with the EP Cube’s user-friendly mobile app that monitors and controls energy storage and consumption in real-time with operating modes like Time-of-Use (TOU) savings, backup, and self-consumption.  But the benefits extend beyond intelligent control and seamless technology giving users substantial financial savings and energy independence. Benefits from A to Z Since each EP Cube battery module is thin and lightweight compared to other products on the market, distributors can leverage lower shipping rates and installation can be achieved by a minimum crew, making it more cost-effective and easier to install. With a 1-2 hour install and minimal crew needed, homeowners and solar installers alike will reap the benefits of the EP Cube. Accessibility Canadian Solar has invested in state-of-the-art manufacturing and proficient supply chain partnerships to make the EP Cube attainable nationwide with low lead times and meet the rising demand for solar-powered homes. Flexibility The EP Cube is compatible with the power grid, existing PV systems, generators, micro-inverters, and EV chargers, allowing for more applications, including expanding energy storage capacity, home backup, and TOU. The EP Cube is also fan-cooled, so it has the flexibility to be installed wherever is convenient for the user, depending on the space they have available.  Longevity The EP Cube is a plug-and-play energy storage system backed by a 25-year warranty. The battery module’s Lithium iron phosphate (LFP) chemistry is safer and has a longer lifespan than other battery chemistries.  Safety The LFP chemistry allows the battery to operate at higher temperatures with a lower risk of hazard. With UL 9540A certification, the EP Cube meets the industry’s stringent energy storage and equipment safety standards and negates thermal runaway concerns. Safe for use inside and out, the system’s state-of-the-art cooling system keeps the heat down with improved discharge and charge efficiency. Simplicity The EP Cube is an all-in-one solution that houses a hybrid inverter and battery modules in the main system box. Almost all cables, connections, and other components are stored within the gateway unit and the inverter, making this design solar installer friendly. Backed by more than 20 years of experience and innovation, Canadian Solar is sustaining its global initiative to provide renewable energy offerings that make life better. The EP Cube offers scalable capacity, seamless integration, and built-in intelligence for optimal results and extensive benefits. Its flexible, innovative engineering ensures energy efficiency, cost savings, and continuous power for the entire home and future energy needs.  Experience the EP Cube today. Contact Canadian Solar for more information and to reach your nearest solar installer.