Canadian Solar has partnered with the Clean Energy Regulator (CER) in Australia to protect the integrity of the Australian Small-Scale Renewable Energy Schemes (SRES) through the Solar Panel Validation Initiative (SPV). This initiative uses serial numbers, provided by solar module manufacturers such as Canadian Solar, to prevent fraudulent activity in the Australian solar market. Serial numbers can be easily scanned on an app to ensure that the panels are legitimate and Clean Energy Council certified, protecting the industry from fraudulent products from the grey or counterfeit market. This initiative protects and provides value for all levels of the solar industry, from manufacturers through to retailers, installers, and residential end customers. Using data from manufacturers, SPV shines a light into the Australian solar industry and gives confidence to customers that they are choosing high quality, reliable products, and solar services. The benefits of SPV extend beyond lowering risk and providing peace of mind. SPV is a time saving initiative for solar retailers and installers as it provides a more efficient small-scale technology certificate (STC) validation processing pathway. In a statement issued by the CER, it was stated that “Solar businesses submitting applications to create STCs with verified solar panels can expect much shorter processing times than panels that are not verified (subject to meeting all scheme requirements)”, with STC claims through SPV being processed in 24 hours. Canadian Solar is proud to be part of this initiative and is committed making the difference for our Australian customers. This time saving initiative provides peace of mind for customers and is working to strengthen confidence in the market as customers can be sure the products they are buying are genuine, and that they are receiving the quality that they expect when choosing Canadian Solar.